Shooting with Exmor R

One of the much-touted features of the new Xperia series is the inclusion of some proprietary Sony tech to make things a bit more whiz-bang on the mobile phone front.

Incorporating Sony’s BRAVIA Engine for starters, the Arc has great visuals straight out the box. I loaded a, ahem, mobile-optimised version of Inception onto the Arc and was pleasantly stunned by the results. Loading on Toy Story, with it’s high-saturated colours etc, is also a visual treat for the eyes.

As if that weren’t enough, SE also incorporated the Exmor R sensor into the phone. Developed with the aim of creating a camera capable of taking exceptional photographs even by candlelight, this technology had previously only been available on standard digital cameras. And what a technology it is; capable of taking decent-to-excellent pictures in the darkest of conditions.

The pictures above were taken at the Xperia Play Launch party on 31st March. The venue itself was lit like a neon-drenched distopian wasteland, a bit like Blade Runner meets Hansel and Gretel, with some Chinese symbols, half a Lynx helicopter and a Dodge Charger thrown in for good measure – Ridley Scott would be thrilled!
Obviously not the best environment for a normal camera phone to be taking photos but as you can see from the shots above, the Exmor R technology can more than cope with such harsh lighting conditions.

More to come on the 720p video capabilities, but in the meantime, check out this series of amazing timelapse videos done using the Arc’s HD video camera and the excellent Vignette app from the Android Market:


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