Was it all really a dream…?

In light of some questionable (yet valid) complaints/comments/flaming I posted on Sony Ericsson’s Facebook wall in the wake of the January 6th 2011 announcement the X10a/i series of phones would not be upgraded beyond 2.1, (see this blog: http://se-xperia.com/xperiax10-range-wont-be-update-past-android-2-1/) imagine my surprise to be invited to be part of a pioneering new customer-based Test Lab for Sony Ericsson, testing new phones in the field as a consumer and reporting back to SE UK on a regular basis.

In short, 14 lucky individuals (some pictured above, taken with an Ericsson Arc) were chosen from the countless hordes of people who complained about the No FroYo scandal, and were asked to attend a Xperia Play/Arc launch event on 31st March, where we would be given unprecedented access to senior members of SE UK’s management team and then attend the evening VIP launch party (pictures to follow in next blog entry). Not only would we have this opportunity to speak with some of the people behind our chosen phones, but we would also be given a handset of our choice from the 2011 range of phones; choose from either the Arc, Play or Neo. I opted for the Neo.

The PR event in the afternoon was very imformative. SE UK had clearly realised mistakes were made with the X10 series of phones and were anxious to put things right. I personally was very impressed with the honesty and clarity displayed/presented by the various members of SE UK management that we met; this is a company that is anxious to make amends for previous mistakes and reclaim their place in the mobile phone market.

In answer to the question posed as the title of this article, I still wasn’t 100% convinced about this Test Lab until my train tickets were in my hand and I was en route!


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