Media Server

In a previous post I talked about the DLNA onboard the Arc, so I’m going to pick up that thread again.

Back in May 2010, SE started making noises about DLNA connectivity coming to the X10 handsets. All went quiet for a while, until in February 2011 they changed their mind and said it wasn’t coming to 2.1 after all. Damn.

In the meantime I had been using Twonky Media and found it worked wonderfully for my needs. Still, there was the disappointment that we had been let down again by missing out on features 2.2 users were enjoying as part of their phone software, not third party. So, when Media Server appeared in the app drawer for the Arc, a big smile appeared on my face.

Arriving home on Friday I was anxious to really test this out. Of course, I still had some additional bells and whistles to sort out with the phone and the market etc so it took a little longer. After setup though, which is easy-peasy, I checked through photos taken with the Arc, running them through my PS3 and DLNA blu-ray for good measure. It’s fast, responsive and works really well.

Not sure if iPhone users have something like this native to the phone, Steve Jobs will be turning in his sick bed if they don’t, as this is a great utility; the ability to broadcast your A/V content to pretty much any DLNA compliant receiver? Really great!


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