SD Card

More delays, this time due to wedding preparations!

We in the Sony Ericsson Test Lab have spent most of the week dissecting and examing our phones. Many  issues and problems have come to light, which are being flagged accordingly internally, but something has come up with regards to Xperia Play games taking up system ROM space on the Xperia Play.

One of my colleagues has noticed their phone is full to the brim after only two weeks of use. For example, Asphalt 6 needs to download 200+ MB; admittedly the game itself is stored on the SD card but, there’s still a 30MB file on the phone memory. Throw in a couple more games, less apps than were on their X10HD and apparently they keep getting the low/out of memory notification to the point where they can’t install anymore apps on the phone.

From a most basic point of view, if you can’t shift something like that around – it’s either use it as a phone or as a gaming device, but not both? A bit strange when when it IS actually meant to do both?

Hopefully this is something that can be fixed with a future update to the phones, but there may have to be updates to the games themselves in order for App2SD to work with the software?


One response to “SD Card”

  1. justnoel says :

    Totally, coming from Nokia I'm well familiar with the evil OUT OF MEMORY option, so I'm glad I haven't got to that point yet, but seeing a low memory on a device that's only 2 weeks old isn't that clever.

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