Bloody Android bloody Bluetooth AGAIN!

So, after an afternoon playing with the MW600, I’m starting to get a little disgruntled with Android again.

When Mrs The Hurf got her X10mini last year it was on 1.6. The problems with Bluetooth were painfully apparent in any Android release pre-2.1 in that Bluetooth didn’t really work that well at all, which, if I’m honest is incredibly annoying. And then some. How can you justify building an operating system for a phone that up until Christmas 2009 (or October 2010 – thanks SE) didn’t have properly functioning Bluetooth? It’s just ludicrous.

The madness continues with Android and the MW600, as while the Arc is perfectly happy sending audio to the device it’s not happy sending ID3 tags for music. So, one of the major selling points for the MW600 – the really fancy OLED screen – is rendered practically useless thanks to more limitations of the system. Poor old SE, they do their best to bring some really fancy gear to the market, but they really don’t get a break do they!?!

Posts 22 and 24 on this post repeat the same as before – Android currently doesn’t support the particular form of Bluetooth required to get things like ID3 tags and even caller names to send to the MW600.


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