About three weeks ago I entered the Xperia competitions on the Sony Ericsson UK website. To my surprise I was lucky enough to win a MW600 Bluetooth headset. I received it in the post today, and very nice it is too!

Upon closer inspection I can see the unit itself – not much bigger than a lipstick – not only bounces my calls and other audio via Bluetooth but it also contains a very reasonable FM radio reciever. On a unit so tiny that really is impressive, although one can’t help but wonder the following…

…The Arc has a much slimmer handset yet has managed to cram an FM radio in. The X10mini is smaller than a credit card yet packs an FM radio. If those two handsets had it, how come it’s missing from the X10a/i/HD? Perhaps that’s why in some markets the X10 was shipped with a MW600 to counter the missing radio hardware on the phone itself?

It’s not the end of the world, just my musings!


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