Camera stuff…

Camera position:
Arc’s camera IS great, but after using it a lot, I’ve come to realise it’s position on the chassis of the phone is ultimately an annoyance- some photos I’ve taken have got a hint of fingertip in the lower left corner of the picture. Not a deal-breaker, but an annoyance nonetheless. The lens should’ve been more centralised on the body, like with the Neo or X10.

Touch capture:
Perhaps have a facility to ‘grab’ frames when videoing – this could be a useful extension of touch-to-shoot/focus.

After the fiasco with the AV sync, perhaps this might be too much for the phone’s software to bear but 2.3.3 is right around the corner so maybe it’s something that could work when the AV problems are ironed out?

More camera;
Missing from the new camera software (but included on the X10) is a simple readout across the bottom of the screen when using the camera to show you how many photos or minutes of video you are able to take with the space remaining on the current SD card.

And the issue with the missing zoom rears it’s head now and again too. Well, according to certain sticklers there IS zoom on the Arc, yes, but not an any resolution above 2MP. Why? It was on the X10 and the Arc is supposed to be the next big step in camera phone technology by incorporating things like BRAVIA and Exmor-R, so why no zoom on a supposedly better phone?

Simple features like zoom and capacity details are found not only on the X10 (as mentioned) but also included as standard on pretty much EVERY camera on the planet. And probably most phones too. Why, why, WHY this is suddenly missing only Rikard Skogberg knows.

Don’t get me wrong, the Arc does take better photos than the X10 but at the moment it’s merely a good camera which COULD be great…the AV sync is a stinker of an issue and to be missing such standard, simple features like capacity details is just soooo silly it beggars belief as to why it’s been removed in the first place!?!? It’s all in the details…all in the details.


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