Misc issues…

I really hate to give the Arc such a battering, but it does tend to bring it upon itself:

Background apps:
Even when running the phone in airplane mode, with a menory manager running as well, there are still several processes too many going on in the background. Some things just don’t like being killed and, despite rooting the handset for more control, will insist on restarting.It’s very annoying at times, especially with the AV issue, to have memory allocated to something I’m not even using. LiveWare manager-this means you!

Despite turning off data and roaming to save a few quid, I decided to put the phone through it’s paces camera-wise and put the phone in flight mode to save battery….or so I figured. When using the phone just as a camera, nothing more, battery life is abysmal under even moderate use. Charging the phone overnight, switched off until the morning then topped up to 100%, flight mode only, and taking 50-60 pictures, the phone chews through 85% of the charge in about 10 hours.

Messing with battery figures in the past with the likes of JuiceDefender/GreenPower I worked out the phone (using it properly as a phone/walkman/occasional camera) should draw on average between 1-2.5% an hour.

To lose that much power in such a short space of time is excessive…AND I’m exiting the camera app when I can as the damn thing runs even when the screen is locked! I know the phone is designed to be used primarily as a phone so perhaps I’m expecting too much, but come on…!


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