More music…

I put extra music on the phone as I ran out of space on the iPod when prepping for the honeymoon (iPod classic being purchased VERY soon!) and soon found using the phone extensively to play music highlights the previous problems mentioned with the stock Music app and it’s lack of a lockscreen, er, screen?

I prefer the EQ on the stock app but am using PowerAmp so that I can skip through tracks without opening the phone. Given that I’m using Green Power to control the battery life on my phone, the lockscreen feature would be most welcome as on the stock app I have to open the phone, thus activating data, everytime I want to change tracks.

Even with the best will in the world, GreenPower and/or the phone sometimes gets confused with the data going off/on/off/on everytime I change tracks – and I like variety so I change tracks a lot!

Oh, and the music app chews through battery quite excessively, too.


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