On the road…

…Taking the Arc with me to Mexico was something of a gamble, given the issues with the AV sync, so I took my X10 as well so I could shoot some HD video without any problems. I left the X10 on the tourbus one day while I was out an about so ‘made do’ with the Arc. Tried to shoot some video, with 170MB+ free in the memory…19 seconds in, video freezes. Disappointing and RUBBISH!

Mercifully I haven’t been using the Arc as my primary camera (I’ve got a real camera for that) but started using it on the Road to Chichen Itza, a four-day tour the wife and I undertook in order to elleviate the terrible hardship of lying on the beach drinking daiquiris.

Giving the phone(s) a bit of battering to really test roadworthiness has thrown up more problems with the software – or the usual missing features scenario we’ve gotten used to with 2.3.2. Unfortunately you’ll have to bear with me as I’ve broken the article down in sections, and there are a few.


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