Sony ‘distracted by vigilante attack’ while data stolen…

…is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve read in quite some time. A massive company like Sony, distracted by a Denial of Service attack? That’s a very flimsy excuse indeed, read here for more on that drivel.

Taking 2 days to inform the authorities though is no surprise to those who have had dealings with Sony and it’s affiliates in the past – after all, they do know best. Apparently. 

From talking to a couple friends in the gaming business – indepedent games retailers and chains alike – there now appears to be a surplus of PS3’s as many impatient and silly people traded their console for the Xbox 360. What this will do for the price of either console is anyone’s guess, but with a price-drop due from the PS3 anyway in June it could go either way.

Still, the network is back up and running, so for those who have waited 25 days…congratulations! You will now be able to play online again and will be the recipient of some premium content from Sony as a thank you for continued patience.

But as if that weren’t enough, some ISP’s are now throttling their services to cope with the millions of people trying to get back online with the PS3. Poor Sony, it’s just one thing after another!


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