Checked my phone yesterday morning @ 09.25. No messages.

Checked my phone again @ 09.50 and found three text messages; 2 from Rox and 1 from the wedding photographer. Times on these texts were 09.34, 09.50 and 09.51.

This might seem rather dull, informing you about my social life, but the interesting thing is the lockscreen notification told me I had two texts, not three. Even more interesting is that @ 09.40 I checked my phone and there wasn’t even a notification in the status bar to say I’d had a text although I quite clearly had!

This is not the first time the phone has failed to notify me about a text – and it’s only happened since 2.3.3 went live. Now, it could be linked to the way Android messaging groups everything as a conversation, but that doesn’t excuse the lack of a notification.


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