Further thoughts on FiX

Using this utility and subsequently seeing it go wrong reminds me of everything that was wrong with Timescape. I don’t know how deep the integration goes into the current OS, but considering the trouble I’m having getting the Gallery to work (when it worked last week on the HK FW) I’m concerned there could be an issue with FiX in the future.

I thought SE would’ve learned more from the debacle surrounding 2.1 and integrated/embedded features such as Timescape and Mediascape – with the advent of Gingerbread on SE handsets, Timescape was reduced to being an optional app. This is really what FiX should’ve been – optional.

Not just being able to turn off the sync, but the ability to not bother with it at all; if you go into Settings>Account and sync and try to remove the FiX sync option it disappears alright, but reappears almost instantly…you can’t get rid of it.

Speaking of synching, there are two Facebook entries in Sync; the Original FB sync works with your contacts in your phonebook. The new FiX entry does all the other fiddly stuff, but still looks at your contacts in order to provide their photos/status etc. If the Original FB sync provides status updates anyway, why wasn’t this utilised to build the FiX sync point, rather than have two sync points?

Bottom line? I’ve turned off the FiX sync as it’s largely pointless for me.

If I feel inclined in a few days to turn the sync back on and the gallery integration returns, maybe I’ll eat my words. Or my hat. But bearing in mind I’ve had the phone on full sync for 24 hours+ (on wifi and mobile data) and nothing’s happened, I suspect I will be going hungry!


One response to “Further thoughts on FiX”

  1. Ronnie Cross says :

    I've been thinking about the problems you're having, and in reflection from this post, I've got something you might want to try if you haven't done so already. That's to try removing it on the facebook end, rather than the phone end. On facebook, go to Account > Privacy Settings > Apps & Websites (Edit your settings) > Apps you use (Edit Settings) > find Sony Ericsson XPERIA, click on it, and then click on Remove App. Try removing the F.I.X. Sync account. Does it still come back? furthermore, if you follow the above and then try F.I.X. from scratch, does that solve the gallery issue?

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