Music ‘Like’ + Facebook Albums/Android Gallery Integration

Music: Seems to work perfectly well on a bootloader-intact Arc, which I’ve now switched over to in order to enjoy at least some of the FiX features.

The application does take some time to post the details, I think because TrackID is taking a sample of the music behind the scenes. TrackID doesn’t work on bootloader-hacked phones thanks to removing the DRM information required to make it work. Bad times

Of course there’s no way to test it, using Facebook for Android, to check it’s actually publishing anything, as the app doesn’t show that kind of information! You have to go to to view the site. Or use your computer. More bad times.

Gallery: Despite adjusting various options in Facebook itself, the Gallery sync still isn’t working! After exhausting pretty every avenue I can think of to get it working (including deleting data, repairs and full auto sync for close to 24 hours) I managed to view my Facebook albums by the following steps:

* Open the Facebook App
* If you’re on the main screen, select Photos
* If not, and this is the really tricky part, you may have to tap on ‘Facebook’ in the top-left in order to get to the main screen
* Three taps of the screen – at most – job done!

I know the point of this FiX integration is to have Facebook stuff at the touch of a button…but…we already do! You still have to press the screen twice -Gallery>Facebook album – to view the pictures, so what’s the difference?!?

I’m not so idle as I can’t tap a couple extra times to view my Facebook stuff through the normal channels, but I begrudge waiting an age, draining battery to get something that is already readily accessible.

Bottom line? I’ve turned off the FiX sync as it’s largely pointless for me.


One response to “Music ‘Like’ + Facebook Albums/Android Gallery Integration”

  1. Ronnie Cross says :

    I've turned it off too. It's pointless, and I agree, it's just as many screen taps to view them on the facebook app as it is to view them in the gallery. The notifications are flakey at best, the like button…. nice, but easily exhausted, and as for contact sync, it's probably the best part of the update, but unfortunately let down by its speed, and thus I have turned that off, too. Final word, the calendar…. it seems to have been built for a very specific audience, i.e. someone who has at most 100 FB friends, gets an event invite once a day, and uses facebook once or twice a week. Shameful.

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