The Root of all evil…

or at least, rooting evil from the phone.

So, the last couple days with the Arc have been pretty annoying, thanks to the continuing errors with the Facebook Inside Xperia software. Annoying to an such an extent that I switched to my spare locked Arc to hoping not to replicate the problem. Alas, the problem repeats itself on even unmolested phones.

Returning to the original, hacked Arc I decided to play around with Titanium Backup. Never one to pussyfoot about with freezing apps, I deleted the FBCalendarSync and Sony Ericsson Facebook apks from the phone. Attempting to log into Facebook afterwards, I can’t get in…

So I rebooted the phone quickly and tried again. No joy. No Facebook? Brilliant, I hear say? Well yes, if you don’t use the Facebook for Android app to access, er, Facebook. Not so good if you’re part of a social media based team like I am. In fact it’s downright fucking useless!

Looks like my fears with integration are starting to be realised – you cannot use Facebook on the phone without having at least some sort of interaction with Facebook Inside Xperia. Yes you can turn off sync for the calendar, gallery and phonebook etc and run the phone without the interaction between the two.

But, top tip to remember – they rely on each other to work. One cannot exist without the other. In short – we’re bloody stuck with it until:
1) We find a way to remove it
2) The next FW release makes it an optional extra, through an app, like Timescape now is. Lesson learned there, but not repeated here.

On the plus side, I did spend my bus journey home listening shuffling the music tracks on the phone and ‘liking’ each one. That works, at least.


One response to “The Root of all evil…”

  1. justnoel says :

    lol @ liking all those tracks, but yeah… this is a mess and forced facebooking… BOOOO!

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