Xperia Duo

The rumour mill kicked into overdrive this afternoon with the publication of an article from International Business Times, detailing the much-rumoured Xperia Duo. It’s picking up enough buzz to have made the news on Techradar, who claim the specs are a little outlandish. I don’t think so, at all:
  • A 4.5 screen is a pinch bigger than the HTC Sensation. So, it probably can be done.
  • A 1.4 GHz DC processor? The best (HTC Sensation/Samsung Galaxy S2) are running at 1.2 but the natural evolution of technology means it can be done.
  • LED Flash? Done
  • 1080p video recording on a mobile? Done – HTC Sensation setting the benchmark again.
  • 1.5GB of RAM? Not done, probably possible but given SE don’t like to give too much RAM, I’d say this is at least 500MB over the top.
  • 2500mAh battery? Mugen Power offer significant battery upgrades but these come at a cost of an increase size to the handset, which SE won’t want to compromise on.
  • Rumours abound of 8GB or 16GB memory cards with the phones. Personally I hope it’s the latter as 12MP stills and full-HD videos are going to eat space like there’s no tomorrow.
It’s all interesting stuff, the vast majority of which may be bullshit. Bearing this is mind, even though the story only broke today, it’s generating significant enough buzz to have warranted a full story on Techradar this very afternoon. And a post here on my blog. And probably a load more stories (one here) as well before the week is out.
I really hope this phone turns out to be more than just a rumour. Consumer reports indicate the Play hasn’t sold very well at all which, seeing as though SE appear to have pinned their hopes on the Play more than say, the Arc or Neo, isn’t really the success story they’re hoping for. 
With the release of the HTC Sensation, the Motorola Atrix and LG Optimus 2X having occurred from March – June, the time is right for SE to bring out a handset to quite thoroughly trounce the aforementioned handsets – and wrestle the iPhone 5 for the position of the best and most desirable handset of the year. SE – it’s over to you.

One response to “Xperia Duo”

  1. Ronnie Cross says :

    I completely agree, even to the point of the battery seeming to be the only "far out" thing that tech crunch mentioned, although 1.5gb I can see. I know SE don't like to be over generous with RAM, but I can see SE releasing a game changer in the coming months. With the other specs being reasonable, if the RAM were to let the phone down here, it would have a potentially damaging impact on them (I'm playing the e-peen game here) so I'd put it down to SE doing what they have to rather than what they want to, and cutting their losses to increase their gains. I won't say whether I think it's true or not, purely because at this point in time I'm undecided (which is a significant change to yesterday's "It's a load of bollocks") but I wouldn't call it at all outlandish to see this hit the shelves sometime soon.

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