Having heard multiple stories about the LiveView, both good and bad, I decided to acquire a unit for myself. Receiving the package in the post at 11.30 today (Friday) I plugged the unit straight into the computer and repaired the software, making sure I was running a clean unit. Everything fine and dandy.

Installed a couple plugins – Gmail and FB – all worked fine. Went out @ 13.30 for the afternoon to see Harry Potter (more on than later). By 14.30 I had received notifications for messages, Facebook, Gmail and a couple phone calls. Was feeling very pleased with my purchase, until the unit slipped out of it’s housing as I was reaching for my phone and bounced on the floor from waist height.

Now, the phone will charge but will do very little else. It will turn on and off, but won’t show notifications retained on the device or even do the really cool ‘Find My Phone’ routine. It will also tell the time, but won’t connect to SEUS to repair itself.

The curious thing is, the ‘select’ button is registering somewhere in the unit, as when the screen dims and I hold the button in, the screen comes back to life. So I’m wondering whether the little knock has scrambled the unit – I refuse to believe it’s so weak it can’t surface one drop.

Unless I can repair the unit, and I fear my skills as a precision engineer may have left me, the LiveView is a watch that essentially doubles as a buggy, near-useless wireless controller for your Android phone, And that’s being generous.


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