Firmware LT15i 4.0.A.2.368 Generic Global (not 2.3.4)

Creeping out a couple nights ago on Orange here in the UK and in a couple other global markets is a software update for the Arc handset with the some significant improvements. However, in the absence of a changelog (yet again) I’ve managed to find the following information from a post on the SE forums:

  • xLoud™ – boosts your music when played through the speaker, 
  • Camera – Digital zoom
  • Stereo recording – shoot video with high-quality stereo sound,
  • Digital home enjoy entertainment content stored in your phone on DLNA certified media devices 
  • New Homescreen – uninstall apps direct from the app tray
  • Themes 
  • Layout change in gallery, Music stock player and many more.
  • Minor adjustments to notifications – number of unread texts is now displayed in the dock. Also applies to calls
  • Timescape widget has had some minor design alterations. 
  • Weather widget. 
  • Transition animations.
  • The screen timeout has a CRT animation.
I’ve had a tinker with most of these adjustments and they are all top notch – in the wake of the Facebook Inside Xperia ‘improvement’ which I largely found a waste of time, this is a software update package with a whole slew of useful bits and pieces.

Some of these I saw at a Test Lab and they were excellent then, despite only seeing about half of what’s in the above list. This is excellent stuff from Sony Ericsson and will keep everyone happy until 2.3.4. 

Not quite sure why it’s currently only on Orange, but hopefully it will make it’s way to generic Arc and Neo handsets in the next few days. If you can’t wait, the Global Generic update is doing the rounds; ironically the best post I’ve found for this is on SE’s own forums!

I find it a little strange SE have released this software update before the release of the Ray/Active etc; with this new software on board, who’s now going to want to buy a Ray/Active when potentially the software could be onboard their existing Xperia handset several days (or even weeks) before the Autumn range of phones comes out? Hmmmm……?

UPDATE 05/08/11 – 19.35
The Arc is still running wonderfully on 4.0.A.2.368, and I’ve even managed to root it as well this evening. My work is never finished! Links here for the more experimental among you.

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