Issues with the new update…

* The end call button on the new update is no longer a highlighted box – if you’re not looking for it, it simply appears to blend into the background. If you are looking for it, it’s a considerable annoyance!
* Lockscreen controls for the Music app still haven’t appeared
* Facebook Inside Xperia still has a mind of it’s own. I told the standard Facebook app to sync last night, apparently that meant FiX could do its thing as well. The sooner this intrusive cack becomes optional, the happier I will be.
* Get apps and Get games should’ve been combined into one app.
* The Fun & Downloads widget likes to run in the background, even if the widget itself isn’t actually in use. Waste of battery life.
* Media server has changed it’s name to Connected Devices. A pointless change in my opinion, and equally pointless is the way the app continually runs in the background, seemingly perenially poised to stream info. Waste of battery life, it should be the users choice whether or not they stream.
* Data monitor isn’t included as a standard app on the HK firmware, while a third-party unofficial Messenger app is. It’s absolute tosh, by the way, but can deleted from the phone simply by ‘managing applications.’
* Landscape mode on the homescreen doesn’t appear to work on Neo or the Arc, but I am going to repair both upgrades so should have an update on that in the not too distant future.
* PlayNow is STILL on the handset – I thought this was being replaced by Qriocity?
* Touchnote is still pointless
* While the addition of zoom to the camera is very welcome, zoom hasn’t been applied to video.


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