Path of Neo…A Bump in the Road

Much was said by me back in early July, extolling the virtues of the wonderful Xperia Neo handset. Sadly, it appears the latest ‘update’ from Sony Ericsson, 4.0.A.2.368, has brought not only some improvements but some significant glitches as well, some of which I blogged about a fortnight ago, although I have uncovered more problems since using the official UK firmware…

* The phone is unusable when on a mains charge; the screen is over/under responsive. Typing with any keyboard input is useless as the phone literally makes it up as it goes along. It’s fine when charging from the PC, but this is a BIG problem if the phone is largely unuseable when charging.

* The wifi/mobile data glitch is still present and seems to be worse on this software release. When switching from wifi to mobile data, I generally have to turn data off and back on, or even reboot the phone, just to kick start the data connection again. Also wifi detection is a big problem too, it was just about fine with a SAGEM router but I’ve had to switch to an old DG834 router and the phone just doesn’t seem to be interested at all.

* The messaging app hangs from time to time, despite having read all my texts, a little ‘1’ is superimposed over the graphic. I have to wait for a new text to come in or text myself, just to get rid of.

* The Gmail app seems to take two refreshes before it will properly populate the inbox.

* Facebook notifications aren’t appearing on the lockscreen.

Being lucky enough to own both the Neo and the Arc, I’ve checked some of these glitches on both handsets and am not able to replicate them on the Arc, so the problem I feel lies with the Neo update itself, as everything was working fine on the phone beforehand – including using the phone while charging!


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