Xperia and PSN (PlayStation Never)

A post on Xperia Blog today talks about the PlayStation Suite coming to Android. 

Sony Ericsson expects that the strategy for the PlayStation Suite will become clear very shortly. The Playstation Store plans for Android have not changed according to the company, with SE expecting a “big step forward” in terms of PSN contribution.

But…even a ‘big step forward’ renders this sort of announcement almost pointless; the bulk of this years’ Xperia phones aren’t really designed for playing games. However the Play – touted as the PlayStation-certified phone – has been out almost six months. PSN on the Xperia range has been mooted since January.

The fact simple fact of the matter is PSN support should’ve been on the phone from the start, not just as an afterthought – and was something questioned and ridiculed at the very first Test Lab meet. Why this wasn’t incorporated on the Play, Lord only knows, but it’s a bloody big item to fumble for a flagship phone.

Let’s not forget, the big selling point of the Aino was the Remote Play capability built into the phone. That was two years ago, and nothing has progressed since. The Remote Play feature actually worked quite well, even over 3G networks and was an interesting app to demo on a phone rendered largely useless by a shockingly buggy operating system. A real pity.

Anyway, I digress; SE have already confirmed the Christmas ad drive is towards the Arc S and the Ray, so the Play has already been sidelined! Anybody wanting to really play games on the move AND have access to the PSN is going to buy the NGP/Vita. Or, if you’re really canny, use the WiFi link on the current Xperia range and hook up to the PSP.


One response to “Xperia and PSN (PlayStation Never)”

  1. justnoel says :

    Yeah, sadly I have to agree with you. Only reason I picked the play was for gaming action ac/dc on that front it's been a massive let down. my NGP is ordered and so now, for the first time in my life,……. I, have a mid range smart phone 😦

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