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I’ve never been a fan of cramming things in my ears, save the occasional cotton bud, but after receiving a set of LiveSound headphones from the good folks at Iris Digital/Sony Ericsson I’m planning to cram something else into my earholes.

Touted as the very latest thing in music audio technology, check out the blurb from SE:

Hear your music as it was meant to be heard. Experience LiveSound™ hi-fi headset. 
Genuine Sony Ericsson sound. Deep, punchy bass. Balanced, clean and dynamic audio reproduction. LiveSound™ hi-fi headset boasts premium design. Flat tangle-free cables. LiveKey™ app control. And remote on-cable music and call-handling. These sleek stereo headphones were engineered for music lovers.

They’re not far wrong with their description. Since getting mine yesterday, I’ve certainly put them through their paces with a selection from the great variety of albums I carry on my Arc:

  • Hans Zimmer: Inception – Original Motion Picture Score
  • Daft Punk: Tron: Legacy – Original Motion Picture Score
  • The Answer: Revival

I can safely say these are awesome headphones. Firing up the latest album from The Answer, Revival, I was treated to punchy bass, and crunchy guitars. I keep the EQ on the Arc set to rock as I’m fan of heavy bass, high treble and scooped mids. Sound reproduction was fantastic and really stood up well to the high-octane musical extranvaganza unleashed from this album.

Firing up the End Titles from Daft Punk’s stirring, atmospheric opus for Tron: Legacy, I heard shimmering strings and bass that was (saucy innuendo aside) perfectly balanced, deep, tight, smooth and liquid.

Taking the dog out for a 45 minute hike this morning I listened to the soundtrack from Inception and again, it was a fantastic experience. This is an enormous sounding score and the LiveSound really did it justice.

My one gripe with these headpones is the cable could’ve done with being maybe a foot longer. I keep my phone in my trouserpocket and tucking the cable under my t-shirt then trying to read a text, I did feel a little wrench on the cable. A minor niggle, especially if you keep your phone in your breast pocket.

At £69.99 RRP these are expensive earphones, twice the price of Apple’s similar in-line remote/mic earphone, but they are worth it. Considering these come as standard with the Xperia Ray, currently retailing for £279.99 on, if you’re looking for new earphones and/or a new phone, either way this makes for essential purchase.

Highly recommended!