Xperia & 2012

Judging by the stories that have been leaking out from SE the past few weeks, about the forthcoming 2012
range of Xperia phones, the coming year
looks to be Sony Ericsson/Sony’s biggest year yet. I shan’t wade through everything that’s been
written, but the best of the handsets currently mooted really has the potential
to be something extra special; The Nozomi,
possibly to be named the Duo or Cloud on it’s release, sports a veritable slew
of features:

1.5GHz dual-core processor
1280×720 HD screen
32GB of onboard memory.

I’m sure there will be other features that are just
as amazing, but even if the above list is *all* we get, that’s pretty amazing.
Dual core has been asked about a lot on the SEUK wall really since the Arc was released and
there are members of the Test Lab who have been pushing for this
feature. The Arc S introduced the fastest
Xperia handset ever to the market, but those of us who’ve rooted and booted our
phones have been overclocking to 1.78GHz and beyond for months – although at a
detriment to the life of the 1GHz processor. At least it shows SE are listening
to their fanbase AND following market trends etc, so t
op marks then for
the 1.5GHz.

12MP cameras were first introduced with the
Satio, but sadly thanks to a shoddy operating system this phone was something of
a damp squib; it should’ve been a lot better. A real pity; one suspects if
the Symbian operating system was able to be replaced with Android we would have
seen a really good phone. Though it’s now
faded into obscurity, it appears it’s getting something of a resurrection – the
12MP camera at least – with the new phone(s).
I’m far more interested in the 32GB of onboard
memory, however. My trusty 2007 1st Gen 16GB iPod
Touch is really starting to show it’s age this last couple months, so I’ve
been utilising the phone music player a lot more. To this extent
I’ve also purchased a 16GB MicroSD card so I can carry more of my library
with me. Added to this I’m using the excellent Sony Ericsson LiveSound
headphones and things are looking and sounding (pun intended) pretty
good on the music front.

So, back to
the memory; the 32GB, although probably closer to 29GB after the filing
system is set up, should 
really give the Nozomi a chance to
compete with the iPhone, allowing users to carry far more of their
with them, while still leaving room for 12MP pictures and a
few other bits and pieces. It’s a very, very generous allocation of
memory which neatly trumps at least two of the current iPhones

For me it still would’ve been useful to have the
Micro SD slot on the phone, either to utilise the extra memory as an
expansion slot or to use it as a backup
for pictures and things like that. Let’s not forget; people don’t religiously
clear their phones out and if anything goes wrong with the memory, it’s not like
it can be removed (not that we know of) and replaced with another card – it’s
integrated into the phone, so the whole lot would have to go off to be
repaired/replaced. Still with cloud technology getting better and better, and
the likes of Box currently offering 50GB of online storage for free, there’s no
reason why we couldn’t be backing up our photos and personal bits and pieces
pretty much anytime, anywhere.

So the
should prove to be a game changer for Sony – if all goes to plan
it should piddle quite handsomely all over the iPhone 4S –  and
hopefully lightly tinkle on the feet
at least a couple
other phone makers as well! Throw into the mix at least one other phone with
similar specs, a couple more handsets at least on a par with this years’
Arc…AND an upgrade for 2011/2012
handsets to Android 4.0 Ice Cream
Sandwich…it’s shaping up to be a bumper year and a busy one at that for Test
Lab. Roll on spring 2012!

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