…And back to the Neo, just for a change!

After playing almost
exclusively with the Ray and Arc S for well over 6 weeks, I thought it was about
time the Neo had some more time in the spotlight.
A favourite handset
of mine from last year, it was my primary handset from release in July until I
managed to bag a Ray in early December, the longest I’ve managed to go with one
particular handset since before I was invited into Test Lab! Kudos indeed, and
not just because I was ‘stuck’ with it – I did have the Arc to play with as
Packing all the
features of the Ray, plus an HDMI-out and a slightly bigger screen (though not
as big as the Arc) the Neo has lost none of its charm. In fact in was a real
pleasure to slip in the 16GB MicroSD card, update a couple apps/accounts and
continue about my life with a change of handset. (Another beauty of Android and
cloud services; if you keep your phone(s)/apps and contacts synced up to date,
you grab a handset and go!)
I think it was a
shame the Neo was effectively ‘downgraded’ from an 8 MP camera to a 5MP after
the parts shortage following the crisis, as it really is a good little handset.
Like I said before, I enjoy the solid feel of this phone; it’s got some heft in
the hand!
One of the minor
foibles I had with this handset back in the beginning was with the small amount
of RAM provided, a miserly 380MB compared to the (still stingy) 512MB of the Ray
and Arc. A problem which has been corrected with the 1GB on the Xperia
Still, fixing this
problem is a simple matter of rooting and clearing out non-essential bloatware –
of which there is plenty. In addition to this you can ‘supercharge’ the handset
by following my Test Lab colleague’s guide to rooting AND supercharging HERE
the V6 script maximises the memory management offered by the Android OS and can
really make a difference, especially when you’re got a puny amount of RAM to
play with.

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