Bootloader + TrackID

One of the many issues surrounding unlocking the bootloader on 2011 Xperia phones was the loss of DRM features that were required by a couple of apps, namely TrackID and the ‘Music Like’ facility linked to the god-awful Facebook Inside Xperia (FiX) application.

This wasn’t really a problem for me as I couldn’t stand FiX and rarely used TrackID anyway. Opening the bootloader of the phone(s) wasn’t really a problem if you did want to find the name of a song, as replacement music indentification apps like Shazam did the job perfectly well.

However it appears Sony Mobile Communications are still listening to their consumers and in yet another great move from Sony Mobile Communications, careful inspection of the Sony Ericsson tab within the Android Market shows an entry for TrackID, featuring a completely new logo. Installation of this app to the phone shows as a separate app, so to clear up your app drawer you’d need to remove the old app through Titanium Backup. Or not, your choice, of course!

Anyhoo, back to the task at hand; according a colleague in Test Lab, installation of this new app to a rooted and booted handset effectively bypasses the issue with DRM (or installs new DRM, who knows) and lets users with an open bootloader use TrackID again. Score!

Sadly this new app doesn’t appear to repair the Music Like functionality, though it was worth a thought as FiX and TrackID did talk to each other. Never mind, TrackID is still working independently though, so that’s a big plus!


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