Funny 5 minutes

My Liveview had a funny 5 minutes this morning. After misplacing it for almost two weeks, I was pleased to have it back on my wrist. Fired it up, connected to the Xperia S phone without any problems. Received the first of my usual half-hourly bulletins, checked the device and the Liveview was convinced the date was 9th December 1976!

I’m fairly sure the Liveview has compatibility problems with Ice Cream Sandwich as I had the occasional problem when using the device with the Arc S and the 4.0 beta back in February. It’s always worked well for me on the 2011 Xperias and Gingerbread 2.3.x.

I guess with the 2012 handsets being on 2.3.7 and the Liveview Manager from the Market not being updated since August 2011, it was inevitable something had to go wrong somewhere. Plus now Sony have wheeled out the SmartWatch the Liveview is sooooooooo last years gadget and won’t receive any more updates to the software on the phone or on the Liveview itself.

A pity in my view as though my colleagues in Test Lab have had a series of problems with their Liveviews, bought ridiculously cheap from in March, this is the first glitch I’ve had. And in the Liveview’s defence, a quick reboot restored it to full working order within 20 seconds and gave me the correct time, year, day and date!


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