Go Go GO!

Sony’s recent annoucement about the forthcoming Xperia Go certainly generated some excitement in the Test Lab camp, and not just because handsets have been ordered for everyone!

Coming equipped with a dual-core processor, 8GB of onboard storage (4GB available to user) and 5MP camera, it’s got very similar specs to the U…though the Go does have more going for it. Not sure how the 3.5inch screen will compare to the same screen on U, but if it’s similar quality to the Ray, it’s gonna be no slouch in the visuals department.

First off it features MicroSD support (hurrah!), which is always useful in a phone with such a limited amount of user-available storage. More importantly, it’s the succesor to the Xperia Active and comes waterproofed to 1 metre for at least 30 minutes immersion. It’s also dustproof and apparently shockproof, as the team at Sony Mobile have reportedly been bouncing theirs against the wall!

Added to that it’s got the highest specification possible in terms of near-indestructibility. Anyone who’s seen videos on YouTube and revelled in images of Active owners running their phone over with a jeep and attacking it with a compass will no doubt be thrilled the gauntlet has been thrown down to more daring attempts at handset demolition.

It’s a little disappointing the Xperia Acro HD isn’t coming to UK shores, as that handset features specs similar to the Xperia S AND has the protection offered by the Go but heck, who needs a phone that big in your pocket when you’re pitting the handset against the most imaginitive scenarios the mind can conjure.

Personally, I’m planning to my phone in the dishwasher for a couple minutes, then possibly indulge in a game of Pooh Sticks in the nearest available stream. It’ll be a one-horse race, but it’ll still be fun! Another member of Test Lab managed to attach his Active to a remote control helicopter so that could be a very interesting experiment indeed – the sky’s the limit!


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