Less is Miro?

Another week, another Sony handset announced. Following the Fast Forward socially interactive event, Sony have announced the Miro handset. It’s interesting they’ve managed to keep something like this under the radar for so long, as handset details prior to this – especially under Sony Ericsson’s tenure – have all managed to leak waaaaaaaaaaay before an official announcement.

Looking at the features on the handset…:

Range of colours
3.5″ display
ICS 4.0
5MP camera
Front facing camera
Large battery

…it bears an uncanny resemblance to the U – in fact I’d say the only real difference between the two is cosmetic and that it’s launching on ICS. The only difference between the Miro and the Go is that the Go is waterproof and doesn’t have the front-facing camera. The only difference between….you get the picture.

If this handset launches without microSD support it would be a mistake and would lump it squarely with the U in the ‘pointless’ bracket.

Last year, 2011, Sony Ericsson released 10 handsets. This year Sony have announced and/or released 8 handsets and it’s still only June – and that’s not including the other SIX handsets currently feeding the rumour mill. More is still more, apparently!


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