More T, vicar?

The 2012 Berlin IFA saw not only the introduction of the new improved Sony Tablet S (though there’s nothing wrong with last years model if you ask me) but also the introduction of a couple new phones; the Xperia T and the Xperia J. This post will obviously be talking about the T as I see no point in wasting any publishing space on a single-core 1GHz phone in the last quarter of 2012. Single-core is sooooooooooooooo last decade.

The Xperia T arrives sporting the latest improvements to Ice Cream Sandwich and to the hardware itself. Moving away from the ‘monolith’ design of the NXT series the T hearkens back to the arched back of the Arc and Arc S from 2011, though it ditches the recycled plasticky slippery backs of those devices and replaces them with a grippable, rubberised finish and a sealed back. The T also has an international variant, the TX, which has a removeable battery.

The dual-core processor is very similar to what was in the Xperia S, though the rear camera has been bumped up a notch to 13MP and the front camera pushed up a bit as well to be able to record 720p – excellent for Skype, though I suspect you’d only see the benefit over WiFi!

The finish of the phone is very, very premium and although it might not be *quite* as jazzy as an iPhone 4s, the T is good enough for James Bond to tote as his weapon of choice in the new Bond movie Skyfall, so that’s good enough for me! I want! I want!


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