Regarding the latest Xperia handsets, the rumour mill has been quietly rumbling away for a couple months; at the last Test Lab meet in June there was talk of the elusive codenamed-Mint handset. So elusive, in fact, as none of us had signed an NDA, we weren’t allowed to see it. Bah!

Morsels of information from various benchmark sites had fuelled expectations of new handsets and finally, at IFA last week, Sony unveiled their newest handsets – the media powerhouse Xperia T, the similarly specced and almost indestructible Xperia V (it’s water/dust/shockproof) and the budget Xperia J.

Anticipation in the Test Lab camp is unsurprisingly high at the moment, kicking into overdrive around the T – which is so good James Bond(!) is using one in Skyfall – though excitement has been tempered somewhat by Sony’s bizarre strategy to NOT release the water/dust/shock proof Xperia V in the U.K. Poo.

Sporting similar bells and whistles to the apparent flagship in the Xperia T, the Xperia V backs this up with an IP67 rating in unbreakable, yet is heading to Far Eastern markets, leaving the UK with only the Active and Go to cater for the daredevils among us. Poo and double poo. Opportunity missed there.

Still, the Xperia T is not to be sniffed at. Sporting the very latest in the Ice Cream Sandwich OS and with all-new features not yet implemented on the older 2012 phones, it looks set to be a winner on paper alone. Throw in a throwback to the arc-shape from the, er, Xperia Arc from 2011, but replacing the slippery shiny finish for the more durable rubberised finish from the X10 and the Go and you’ve got plenty to hang on to as you’re blown away by the HD 4.6 inch 720p screen. Oh yes. It’s HD. And if it’s as good as or better than the screen on the Xperia S, it’s going to be even more amazing. Oh yes!


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