Much Ado About Nothing

There’s been a lot of talk in the Test Lab camp recently, regarding Sony’s development of their handsets; specifically that they need to innovate faster and dazzle with more immediacy. That said, with the launch of the iPhone 5 today, it’s certainly made me realise how far behind the times the iPhone is in terms of development and the sheer aesthetics of the device; it’s still boring.

For starters, it’s the same unit. Regardless if the screen is 0.5 inches bigger than on the previous models, it still looks the same bland, ordinary unit it has been for years. In terms of resolution, at 1136 x 640 it’s not quite 720p HD, so that’s another mark against it! Sony are at least releasing models that look different; the ‘monolith’ design for the NXT series and the subtle curved back of the T and Arc spring to mind. With regards to screens, they are slapping some impressive plateaus of 720p HD goodness into the 2012 models. Oh yes.

The camera still loiters in single figures, whereas Sony are (finally) pushing boundaries with phone cameras and this year have already incorporated a 12.1MP lens into the XS and introduced a 13MP lens with the T, TX and V. This years other tech for phones, NFC, is also absent. Something of a mistake when flagship phones from many other manufacturers carry it.

Quad-core has already been implemented in other phones, so yet again Apple, with mere dual-core on board (and I don’t care that it’s a jazzier version of the A5 chip!) are playing catch up with what’s already gone before. Fair enough, Sony are yet to implement quad-core into phones, but the Xperia Tablet has it and you can bet next years’ handsets will have it too. Sony might not be totally ahead of the curve but they’re catching up significantly.

The new iPhone offers nothing that Android can’t match – and has already been matching for some time. FaceTime in iOS 4 is video messaging, plain and simple, just like Skype. WiFi sync for music etc was introduced in iOS 5 last year, while wireless sync for Android had already been around for some time with MyPhoneExplorer/WinAmp/DoubleTwist. ‘New’ features for Apple, trusty old hat for Android.

Oh, and for those of you who’ve got a slew of accessories based around Apple’s proprietary 30-pin charging connector…bwaa hahaha…they’ve changed it!

So it’s finally here. For me it’s nothing new, it’s nothing special. For the legions of iSheep out there it’ll be the best thing since roughly this time last year and the launch of the iPhone 4S. Can’t please ’em all I suppose!


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