Great Xpectations

The Xperia T, sporting a glorious stretch of 720p screen, at 4.6 inches and 325ppi, Sony prove it’s not just what you’ve got, it’s also what you do with it that counts. Images are rich, bold, vibrant and in dazzling HD. In your face, iPhone 5 and your paltry 4 inch, non-HD screen. In. Your. Face!

Wonderments abound with the new phones from Sony, but consider the following; top-of-the-range phones from Sony cost between £350 and £500 on launch. It might not seem a lot, especially to the off-network iPhone brigade, but to most sane people that’s a fair bit of money. It’s a holiday, it’s 25% of someone’s wages, it’s the annual house insurance, that sort of thing.

Is it too much to ask then that companies like Sony provide all the required cables with their brand new products? I *know* the Xperia T comes with HDMI-out, but watching the unboxing video for the Xperia T, there’s no mini-HDMI cable included in the box! What’s up with that?

Fair enough it could be they’ve forgotten to include the cable with review device but just to clarify, I didn’t get one with my Xperia S, Xperia Neo or Xperia Arc. These handsets were provided to me very close to launch, within mere hours in some cases, yet were missing a vital accessory to make a publicised (well-publicised in the case of the Arc) feature work!

I just…I just don’t get it!


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