The wife asked me to change the SD card in her Mini Pro the other night as it was full to bursting. So I copied the contents of her 2GB card to my computer and transferred those contents to an 8GB card. Or should I say, attempted to transfer, as the process stalled at 72% and crashed Windows Explorer/MyPhoneExplorer a good few times.

To get to the bottom of the transfer issue, I started searching through the contents of the 2GB card, trying to find the cause of the stall. Hadn’t quite gotten around to rooting her Mini Pro but I really wish I had as I most certainly would have gotten rid of the User Guide application.

Sony release phones globally, so naturally the phone must come with a few different languages to cater for the diversity of their consumer base. Picking through the detritus of this app I discovered it requires over 15 THOUSAND files in order to cater for the many languages. Crikey!

If you know how to use your phone i.e. you have it rooted, delete the User Guide app and directory at the very first opportunity you get – or at least the non-English language files – and save yourself a load of hassle when changing memory cards!

15,000 files! Thank goodness for Bin4ry and the locked bootloader rooting on ICS!


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