Snubbed + Rebutted

Early September saw the release of the Sony Xperia Tablet S, the second generation model of the Sony Tablet S. Bundled with the tablet’s system is an application called Xperia Link, which allows you to setup a Bluetooth connection for sharing your phone’s 3G with the tablet. In essence it’s a quicker way of going to Settings>wifi>other>portable wifi.

So far, so good. The app had promise. Sony hadn’t pimped it out at all but Xperiablog ran an article providing all the necessary information. Read it HERE. Sadly the article failed to mention – probably as the author didn’t know – that the app only works (officially) with the new Xperia Tablet, not the original. And for those of us rocking the non-3G version of the tablet, that’s annoying. Cue grumbles from me about Sony forgetting about the original tablet, hence the title of this post.

I’m going to be honest, I was suitably miffed. I was able to install the app to my phone but visiting the app store with my tablet to download the client app, I was told the app “wasn’t compatible with my device”. Charming. Even installing the app from a system dump of the Xperia tab didn’t work. Bugger.

Thanks then must go once again go to the good folks over at XDA; some kindly soul has tinkered with the tablet’s client app (don’t ask me what they did!) and provided it for download HERE. I can confirm it works well with the Tablet S; setup is straightforward:

* Activate Bluetooth on the tablet and the phone.
* Open the Xperia Link app on the Tablet. Tap setup. You should now be presented with a QR code.
* Open the Xperia Link app on your phone. Tap setup. Scan the QR code on the screen.
* The devices will talk to each other for a couple seconds, you might need to confirm the link but once that’s done, that’s it. Connection made.

With the connection now saved, and as long as you’ve got Bluetooth running on both devices, tapping Xperia Link on the tablet will automatically start tethering the tablet to the phone. As long as your carrier allows you to tether your signal you should now be able to surf t’interweb on the tablet the same as you would at home on wifi – just remember to turn the link off when you finish otherwise your data allowance will be chewed up, especially if you’ve got everything on the tablet set to auto-sync, like I have!

Happy tethering!


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