Pulling the Wool

January 8th at CES saw announcements from Sony about the 2013 flagship phone, the pretty awesome Xperia Z. More on that later.

Sneaking out under the cover of new shiny shiny stuff though was a Tablet Webcast from a Product Trainer and another chap who delivered some upsetting news regarding the development future on the Sony Tablet S1. Namely, the device won’t be getting the Jelly Bean update that’s coming to the Xperia Tablet and other Sony Android devices, like the 1.5 GHz dual-core Xperia T (fair enough) and the absolute trainwreck of a phone that is the single-core, 512MB RAM Xperia J.

The Tablet S packs in a dual core 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM and is a pretty nifty tablet. I should know, I own one. Although I understand a tablet and a phone are different, I do question why an absolute disaster of a phone like the Xperia J (it’s that bad) warrants an upgrade to JB.

Annoyingly the video has mysteriously been removed. However you can find a thread talking about it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2089240

Perhaps the removal of the video from Sony’s official channel means they’ve changed their minds, much like they did in the wake of the X10/Gingerbread fiasco from 2011. Who knows. Until that point, I’ll be keeping a close eye on what’s happening with the S1 and another eye on the Google Nexus 7 should the news turn out to be disappointing.


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