Look to the Future

According to a story over at Android Headlines, Sony appear to be making plans to ditch the low-end of the market and concentrate on the higher end of the market. There’s a lot to be said for a clear and concise plan. Sony may well be aiming for the high-end of the market but they’ve got a long way to go before they should consider themselves in the same ball park.

Consider Apple; regarding the iPhone, ostensibly they make one phone in 3 different storage configurations and two different colours. That’s it. Sure, they’re still rocking the 4, the 4S and the 5, but the long-term support behind these devices is also something to be reckoned with.

In 2012 Sony released in excess of a dozen devices. 40% of these devices, less than a year old, were released on Ice Cream Sandwich but aren’t included in the Jelly Bean update. Frankly that’s not good enough and the in wake of the X10/Gingerbread scandal I thought the development team at Sony might have learned a few things. Obviously not.

Even the premium 2013 models right around the corner, there are two different handsets – the Z and the ZL, but three different names. For some inexplicable reason the ZL is called the ZQ in Brazil and (maybe) Canada. Why? Who knows!

The iPhone currently holds a 28% share of the market. That’s not much. Sony can achieve a dominant position in the market through position, poise and audacity, though sadly I suspect we’ll see another increasingly cluttered product portfolio this year. 


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