Anybody who read my scathing review of Sony’s Xperia J will no doubt be aware of just how much I hate it. In an effort to stop gazing into the gift horse’s mouth, I have been attempting to do something – anything – with it.

Even rooting the phone and running it as light as I could, I still encountered lag after lag after lag, to an extent where I decided more drastic measures than a root and cleanout with Titanium Backup were required. To that extent, there’s a lot to be said for disembowelment.

This evening I have eviscerated the Xperia J, from a software point of view, of course, by installing the latest 4.1.2 from the good team at FreeXperia. The new OS has been on the phone for a couple hours and touch wood…it’s far more responsive than it ever was on the official Sony ROM.

I am pleased to have rescued the phone from certain doom and dust-gathering and it’s yet another great example of the work these third-party developers can do; though whether it makes it to continued daily use is another question.


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