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I’m sure most of you reading this will be aware of Google’s attempt to crack the social network market with Google Plus. Launched in 2011 and slowly gaining momentum close to two years later it does have around 235 million active users, around a quarter of Facebook’s active users.

So far, so underwhelming. I signed up for the service through an invite and was initially quite taken with it, until I realised the hoops one had to jump through to post from G+ to other places. Call me lazy, but I like to type one status and that’s that – I simply cannot be bothered to go to two (or three, or four) different places to input the same thing, even if I copy and paste. Twitter’s ability to post to Facebook has this nailed down, so there’s no reason why G+ shouldn’t work, either, is there? Unless of course you factor in Google have purposefully made it difficult to cross-post…

Which is where Friends Plus Me comes in. Currently in beta testing, FPM acts as a go-between, a middle-man of sorts, connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to Friends+Me and all your publicly published Google+ activity will be reposted within 5 minutes. The great thing about the service is that it fetches your publicly shared posts roughly every 5 minutes and distributes them wherever you want and you only need to type your post once! Yes – lazy posters of the world – rejoice!

I’ve set my FPM to fetch my G+ posts and feed them to Twitter, which in turn feeds into Facebook. Five minutes, Three social networks, one post. It’ll even let you post hashtags in G+ which then filter over to Twitter. What’s not to like?!

Check out FPM in the link supplied above.


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