Life of Pie

Hands up who likes tinkering with their phone? I do. I can’t get enough of trying to get the best performance from my handset, playing with a new app or using the latest custom ROM; FXP all the way, by the way. In the interests of new apps, the LMT Launcher has been around for close to 18 months, but only really came to my attention about a week ago.

Originating on the Paranoid Android custom ROM and now released as a standalone apk for rooted phones, LMT 1.9 offers a unique user experience. If you’re willing to do a teeny tiny amount of legwork with the app itself, LMT gives users an Expanded Desktop Mode – i.e. ditching the on-screen navigation keys for something much cooler.


As you can see, it’s pretty nifty and very customisable. I’ve installed it on both my main devices and when you’re rocking a full-screen application and can’t get to your navigation or notification bars, it comes in very handy indeed. And looks pretty good too! If you’re interested, hit this link and check out the video from the developer, then get the latest version of the app from this page and slice yourself a piece of LMT Pie. As I write, it’s currently on version 1.91.


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