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Browsing through the Google Play store today, one of the apps recommended to me was Barnacle Wifi Tether. Some of you might remember this app having some prevalence on Android in the days of Éclair and FroYo as it allowed provided a tether from your phone to whatever WiFi enabled device you wanted. Pretty good stuff and one in the eye for the OEM developers as they were dragging their heels big time.

Jump forward several months and tethering is the norm. Providing your mobile operator isn’t a total miser with their data connection, you can tether your WiFi-only device (iPad, tablet, Vita etc) to your phone and surf away to your hearts’ content.

Sony jumped on the bandwagon with tethering by introducing Xperia Link with the Xperia Tablet S and also rolled out an app for phones. It basically worked as a dedicated link between Xperia devices and for those too idle to head into the settings menu to enable tethering, provided a nice little apk with which to do it. It worked really well, although when I switched from stock Sony to FXP ROM’s, it stopped working. Then I got rid of my Sony tablet altogether.

Anyway, I digress again – back to the point. Open Garden works in very similar way to the Xperia Link application, except it works on any phone and any tablet, no matter what brand. Well, at least it does with a Sony Xperia S and the Nexus 7.

It’s simple enough. Install and open the app on both devices. Hit connect. Done! I’ve tested the link on a couple of occasions through the weekend and can confirm it’s nice and steady. My only gripe would be that you can quit the app once you’ve finished – it does like to linger. Fix that minor gripe and it’ll be perfect!


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