The Legend of Tablet SMS

I’ve been reading the occasional article about getting WhatsApp to work on tablets. Personally, I find the application quite irritating as it’s not very pretty, but I can understand why people would want to have it on multiple devices – for starters, there’s no cap on how many messages you can send. The advert boldly states you could send a million messages a day, if you had the strength in your fingers that is. Challenge extended?

DeskSMS from Clockwork Mod takes this idea and makes it even better. Instead of relying on countless numbers of friends installing WhatsApp, DeskSMS forwards your text and MMS messages to your GMail and Google Chat accounts. It’ll even send messages to a Chrome extension and all while using your mobile number.

So far, so intrusive, some might say. But here’s the best part – if you install the companion TabletSMS app on your tablet it acts like a client for DeskSMS and funnels your text messages to your tablet. Oh yes. And you can respond as you would on your phone and send a message straight back. If you’ve got your contacts synced to your Android phone you can text anyone you please. Honest!

You’ve got to pay for the service, of course, as the initial install of DeskSMS has a 14 day trial period (TabletSMS has no such limit) but you can buy a licence for £3.17 and merrily text away from wherever you might be with your tablet, provided you’ve got a wifi/3G connection. Your phone can stay in your pocket for the duration of a train journey, for example, while you ping messages back and forth from your tablet to the outside world while reading a book or watching a movie.

The guys at Clockwork Mod have done it again. A solid application that ticks all the boxes and builds a few bridges at the same time. Thoroughly recommended.


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