Z-Day +one month

The Xperia Z plopped onto my doormat roughly a month ago and it’s been an interesting and enjoyable ride since then.

Regular readers will be aware of my criticisms regarding the WiFi issue with the handset, which I won’t dwell on too much here, but experimentations with various custom ROMs have yielded positive results; though not without some protests from some quarters of the social universe.

My first foray into custom ROMs for the Z was with FXP214 from the FreeXperia team. An AOSP rom based on sources from stock 4.2.2 and some Cyanogen bits and pieces, the phone performed very well on this firmware, though it should be noted the WiFi issue wasn’t quite fixed.

I moved back to the stock Sony ROM shortly afterwards, to test out the HDR capabilities of the camera and was pleased with the results, though it should be noted that to take really great photos with the HDR facility the phone does need to be still. Very still. Extremely still.

Looking for an answer to the ongoing WiFi concern but to maintain some of the feature of the Sony ROM I actually do like, I found the KA Xperia Revolution ROM from krabappel over at XDA. I’d used these ROM’s with my Xperia S last year and found them a great firmware to use. Stripped of bloatware and running like a dream, the KA ROM’s are the best of both worlds when comparing Sony stock to AOSP stock. The KA7.1 ROM was released on the 1st of May and it’s been something of a revelation – the WiFi issue had been fixed in a previous release – it’s fast and it’s light, which lends itself to great performance – exactly what I need.

Experiments with ROM’s aside, the last month has been a great experience. The phone itself is getting a lot of admiring glances from friends and colleagues and it’s always hilarious to leave the phone in a workmate’s glass of water, then ring it when they wander back to their desk! I’ve also managed to convince a couple people of the merits of the phone and they’ve since upgraded to the Z or are in the process of upgrading. A great result all around.


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